Syncing Basics for a Newbie

Please help me understand (and correct) Syncing among my four computers:

It looks like a .kmmacros file was created on my principle iMac’s desktop, where I created my first macros, which I then dragged to my Dropbox which I then synced to my laptop successfully.

Since then I’ve added new macros to my principle iMac, and they seem to be saved, but I don’t know where they’re located, perhaps because the file I dragged to my Dropbox appears to be the original .kmmacros file, when maybe I should have dragged a copy to my Dropbox. And it doesn’t appear that there’s any updating or automatic syncing going on with my laptop or offsite iMacs.

How should I resolve this problem, e.g., where should my Master .kmmacros file be residing, should it be a file where I can see a time-stamp for my modifications (not happening in my Dropbox file) and by what process will my computers keep updating one another when individual macros are created or modified on one of them?


It is much simpler than that.
See Macro Syncing .

That KM Wiki article has a lot of information that you should read, but it makes it appear more complicated than it really. All you need to do is:

On the Mac that currently has your macros, choose Start Syncing Macros from the File menu. Read the text carefully, and then click the Create New button. Save your existing macros in the macro sync file in your shared location [like a Dropbox folder]. From now on, Keyboard Maestro will sync any changes to/from that file. [without any manual actions].

Wait for the file to be mirrored to the second/target Mac. On that second Mac, choose Start Syncing Macros from the File menu. Again, Read the text carefully, and then click the Open Existing button.