Syncing Macro frequency

Pardon me, I am a newbie

When syncing two Macs. If both macs are on and the shortcuts are enabled, how soon after creating a shortcut in the editor on one mac will it be available in the other? I switch frequently between machines and wish to avoid collisions.

BTW, I have been using QuicKeys for years and I am really impressed with this product. Now to convert all my macros... I have kept one machine on Mojave since I am so reluctant to give QK and DragThing up.

I suspect that is a difficult question to answer.

For one thing, it might depend on what you are using to sync.

If you are using iCloud, for example, it's hard to tell what it's doing, but it should be pretty quick.

If you use Dropbox, it should also be quick (especially if you have LAN sync enabled).

The problem with both of the above is that if they are busy syncing something else, you might have to wait.

I use Resilio Sync to sync my Keyboard Maestro macros and a bunch of other files (99% text). It's almost immediate. One thing I like about RS is that each folder is its own sync process, so if you are doing a big sync process in one folder it won't slow down the others.

As @tjluoma says, it is basically dependent on your syncing solution.

Keyboard Maestro will write the macros within about a second after you finish changing them (you can actually see this if you look closely at the bottom right corner of the editor window, there is a small “dirty” mark). It writes the macro sync file at the same time.

But after that it is entirely up to the syncing service as to how long until it is transferred to the other Mac. After that, Keyboard Maestro will pick it up more or less instantly.

Thank you both so much! I have noticed since it is quite instantaneous when they are both in my LAN via iCloud.