Syncing with new computer lost all macros on both

I've been using Keyboard Maestro on my desktop computer for years. I just got an older MacBook, loaded Keyboard Maestro on it. On desktop, I started syncing to DropBox. This created a sync file. Then in MacBook, I tried to sync with the file in DropBox. This didn't work, AND all of my macros in my desktop Mac are also gone. I tried to stop syncing on the desktop, and this didn't work. I tried opening the file in DropBox, and that didn't work. I've lost years worth of macros. Can I get these back?

On your Desktop Computer, open the Keyboard Maestro Editor and try this:

There should be a saved version of your Macros, before you lost them.

If this works, before trying any more syncing make sure you have a backup of your Desktop Computer.

This worked!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It also reminded me that I probably could have used Time Machine also.

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Great. I'm not sure why your syncing didn't work in the first place. You do need to make sure that Dropbox has completed its sync on both computers before trying to link the second computer.

It’s possible that I didn’t wait long enough for the syncing to take place. For the time being, I don’t need the full list of macros on the laptop, so I’m just rebuilding the ones I need as I go along. I’ll try syncing them again in a few weeks when I have more time. Thanks again for your help.