Syntax for Triggering Macro by Name

I am configuring multiple macros (one per app) similar to the one below.

I am trying to understand the syntax I should use if I would like to avoid having to do step 1 and simply type in the macro groups in step 2
I tried gr:(Bear Group) OR (Bear Group Palette) but it does not work.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

You can't use boolean OR in a search, although multiple terms are ANDed.

In this specific case, if those are the only Groups with "Bear Group" in their name then gr:"Bear Group" will work. If there are others you might be able to omit them, eg gr:"Bear Group" -gr:"Disabled" to show the macros from "Bear Group" and "Bear Group Palette", but not "Bear Group Disabled".

Unfortunately you can't reference a Smart Group in that action...

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I meant AND. My apologies and thanks very much.

Did you? That would then be "Groups which have both a-word in their name AND another_word in their name". I suspect that you actually want "Groups which have a_word in their name and also Groups which have another_word in their name", which is an OR as you originally said.

Natural language to "logic" is... tricky -- and I'm probably misunderstanding. Try posting a sample list of Group names, including some you don't want to see, and your desired outcome.

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You are 100% right and I am embarrassed. Yes as I wrote originally, I want macros in either the palette or the group. I am probably better off with a:Bear ?

Depends what you want to achieve. A good search needs to be loose enough that you find everything you want and tight enough to omit everything you don't.

If that can be done with ap:Bear then use that. If all the macros you want listed are in Groups whose names contain "Bear Group" and you've no Groups you want to omit that have that in their name, use gr:"Bear Group".

And if you want to list every macro you've used in the last week that is specific to Bear but isn't in a "Test"-named Group: use:1w ap:Bear -gr:Test

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An extremely useful comment.

It was always a headache to trace those few macros I am currently editing amount my more than 5,000 macros. Thanks to your suggestion (use:1w) my problem is solved.

Thanks very much !

If you are editing them, try mod:1w instead -- that'll match macros you've modified rather than macros you've used.

In fact -- you've just inspired me to make a Smart Group for this so recently edited macros are always available:


Thanks, @ronald!

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Yeah, that's handy.

Long ago I got tired of manually entering search-specs for frequently used searches:


** Alignment achieved with tabs (Opt-Tab in the name field).


Great idea! I will do the same.