Sysctl (logging and display utility) Macro (v11.0.3)

In macOS there is a utility called "sysctl" which can report on about 1640 different system parameters. Most of these parameters stay at the same value at all times. However a few seem to change constantly. I wanted to examine all the parameters, so I decided to write this macro which, on command, will record all current values, with timestamps, into a dictionary, and let you report on any or all values, with the timestamps decoded.

Each time you run the Record feature, it will add a couple of hundred bytes to the dictionary, but it will record only the values that change, so the "sysctl" dictionary will not grow very much over time. You could run this macro from time to time to make sure you record any changes to these values. As I write this, I probably should add a periodic (weekly?) trigger that will record any changed values.

There may be other dictionary viewing tools on this website that are better than the one I've included here, but mine is probably the only one that can decode the dates.

Sysctl (logging and display utility) Macro (v11.0.3)

Sysctl (logging and display utility).kmmacros (35 KB)

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