System Time as a condition?

Hi all,

I know "time" can be used as a token, but am I right in thinking it cannot be used as a condition? I want to avoid using the "at time" trigger if possible.

I basically want to restart my computer 4 times a day, but to do it just periodically won't work, it has to be when a series of macros have finished running and before they pick up on a new task.

So I imagine something like:

If system time is 0000 or 0060 or 1200 or 1800, then restart computer. But for that check to be performed inside and if/then statement rather than as a trigger. Anyway even having said this I think I might be going about it wrong, but still I'm curious, can KM do this somehow, or will I need to use a little bit of AppleScript or something similar?

Hey Mark,

You have a few options:

Simple Time Calculation.kmmacros (5.3 KB)


Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response, this helped me reformulate my question into something more useful. In the end all I need was this, and like usual I was making something more complex than it needed to be.

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