Tab-t keyboard combination in Asana

Hey y’all. I’ve had KM for about 2 years, but frankly, I know I only use a fraction of the capabilities.

In Asana (project management web tool), they use the TAB-x (where x is many different keys) to execute a function. And you have to hold the tab down while pressing the second key. Like command-tab to switch apps in OS X for example.

Tab-t opens the tag window for example. Then I want to enter specific text for an existing tag.

So I discovered KM has the ability to set the tab press as “press and hold” so I’ve made a macro that does “Press and hold” with the tab key and followed that with “t”

But it turns out (from reading this thread: Modifier keys are not holding but instead repeating) that the press and hold lasts until the end of the macro or until another key of the same kind (i.e. tab in this case) is executed.
“The key will only be held down until:
The macro finishes
You type the same key (manually or via Keyboard Maestro)
You release it with another Type a Keystroke Tab action.”

But that second tab takes me out of the field I’m in so the text entry for the tag never happens.

Any idea how to make that ‘press and hold’ go away so I can type text without tabbing out of the field or ending the macro?

my work around is to make it 2 macros, but that seems like nothing but a kludge

There is a “release” variant of the Type a Keystroke action. So:

Type a Keystroke Tab, press and hold
Type a Keystroke t
Type a Keystroke Tab, release

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Geez, how simple!

And how blind I am for not seeing it! :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for making the time to answer!