Tab to focus on buttons in Custom HTML Prompt

I think this is a very simple question but I can't figure it out despite digging.

In the Custom HTML Prompt examples provided here on the forum, the buttons are not focusable via tab. Any idea why? I tried adding a tabindex="0" to the button elements but it didn't work. This shouldn't be necessary anyway because buttons are tab-able by default from what I understand. Any help would be appreciated- thanks

Do not why that is like this. Worst case you could add some javascript that focuses to the next input field when pressing tab.

Tabbing between form elements and buttons works just fine when I take the code into an HTML editor so it must be something with KM... Any idea why? All of the Custom HTML example macros I have been able to find have the same issue.

I can't duplicate the problem. Try, for example, Textcavator. I can tab through the form and through the buttons.

If that doesn't work on your system, I'd look elsewhere for the culprit.

I tried Textcavator and still couldn't tab through to the buttons. What might cause such a thing? I'm lost. Thanks for the help though, at least I know it's not KM

Take a look at System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts and click on the Keyboard settings. Now look at the bottom of that window. Is All controls checked or just Text boxes and lists only?

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Oh my god, that is ridiculous. Thanks so much, it totally worked. I had no idea that was an option.

Happy to help!