Table XPath missing a field

I have a slight odd issue. I have some xpath code extracting the table from a web page. The issue is it seems to be missing one of the fields.

The table section is as follows:
Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 7.16.21 PM

The field that contains the span always comes up empty. I was curious if anyone else knows of a way to pull in data like this?

Thanks for any assistance.


Show is invariably better than tell :slight_smile:

  • What does your XPath look like ?
  • What would you like to match in that <td> ?

The xpath for the row is as follows:
//*[@id="the-results-table"]/tbody/tr[<row #>]

As I stated I get all the data for the row, but the span always comes up blank as if there is nothing there. The display shows a check box, but I can't see anything in the resulting data. I have tried every xpath I can think of, the full table, by row, by section. Once again I get only the visible data, and not the check box..

Included screen shot of the visible data:

All the fields come back with the text in the field, but the span portion is blank. The span column is the one with the check mark.

xpath to the span column:

xpath to the span itself:

Both result in blank data. No matter the xpath, that field is always blank. Is there a way to check for a specific class at a path?



Does the span contain any data ?

(I can't immediately see any in your screenshot)

The span contains:

In the HTML, but on the xpath request it's blank.

Where or how are you using the xpath expression – in what kind of KM action ?

I gave up on this method. Ended up changing over to puppeteer. I thought it would have been easy to do in KM, but I don't think it's really designed for what I was trying to do.

I was able to get it running in puppeteer in less than an hour.

I am not sure how to extract the actual html code from the webpage in the scripting.

It's easy - just load the URL into a variable using the Get URL action described in the wiki here.

You could do that, but then you have to deal with the parsing in the macro tool set. It's just much easier to find what I needed using JS, and Puppeteer.

I know I could have added JS to KM, but it would have been quite a bit more work than just coding a script using puppeteer.

Believe me when I say KM is an AWESOME tool.. I love it for 95% of cases.

Thanks for the responses.