Tagging Macros within KM


Is it possible to assign tags to Macros created within KM?
If not, could I suggest if this could be implemented. It could make the organisation and retrieval of them more flexible.

This has already been asked about - see

The workaround was to include a comment action containing appropriate tags that can then be used in a smart group.

The KM search function is also very powerful.


That definitively helps, thanks! However, the comments need to be inserted one by one. If you change your mind or want to add/delete another tag you will have to repeat the whole process.

It would be nice to choose, let say, 60 macros and assign them a tag or many at once, and delete in the same manner.

A bit like you can do in the finder or like some of this apps can do: https://www.makeuseof.com/mac-apps-that-enhance-finder-tags/

I know how tags normally work :wink:

In their absence what we have is, as I said, a workaround.

Another KM user suggested putting tags in the name of the macro so, by using the batch rename you asked about previously, you could change your mind more readily. Maybe that would be a preferred option for you?

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Thanks Tiffle, I was already doing that :wink: and thanks to your previous help I've been able now to reorganise some things.

KM maestro is wonderful and I truly appreciate the hard work behind it. It has helped me a lot and I'm using it every day even though I'm a total ignorant about programming.

Probably my suggestion is not as simple to implement and I completely understand. The only reason why I mentioned it is because I have the impression that it could be useful not for a few but for many.