Taking a screenshot and have that go straight to Photos library - possible?

My wife never remembers how to take screenshots, but let's be honest it is NOT intuitive.

With KM10, I thought this was a great opportunity to set up a Macro group for screenshots that provided options in a menu:

However, it would be great if I could create an option that takes a screenshot (selection or full screen) and then adds that to the Photos library.

How might I achieve this?

Hey Lloyd,

As far as I know there is no way to add items to Photos without opening the Photos app.

On my Mojave system I can use an Open a File Folder or Application action to send a file-path to Photos.


So – it's not exactly smooth, but it can be done.


Ah, I guess I could do this:

  • Screenshot to clipboard
  • Write a file from clipboard (with a filename of my choosing)
  • Open photos with that file
  • Then delete the file (once I have given Photos enough time to open/add)

That seems do-able

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I think if you trash the file instead of deleting it you won’t have to worry about a delay.

But you'll have to test.