Taking multiple separate screenshots

I’ve figured out to use Screen Capture and Write File to Disk to take a screenshot, but every one I take overwrites the last. How can I take multiple screenshots with each saving separately?

Hello sursur,

Maybe this macro answer to your need:


Two ways that come to mind: you could include a counter variable in the screenshots’ file names and have it increment every time the macro is run (something like "Set Variable Counter to Counter + 1") or you could include a date or timestamp token to replicate the way macOS names screenshots.

Thanks to both of you. I found an obvious solution- you can make a macro with a hotkey to type the mac shortcut combination for a screenshot. Since searching solutions for this Keyboard Maestro dilemma didn’t result in any mention of that and since my last problem involved not being able to make a hotkey for caps lock, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of being able to have a macro type the actual mac shortcut. However, both of your answers seem like good solutions when someone needs multiple screenshots without using the mac shortcut combination.

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