Taking several screenshots and stitching them together

On macOS, which tool can be automated best to stitch together several screenshots that were taken in a particular order? (E.g. screenshots of one image, 3 screenshots wide and 2 screenshots high)



I don't know of a free tool that will do the job, but if you have ongoing tasks to do complicated screen captures, and then manipulate and/or annotate the results, then I can highly recommend SnagIT.

I've been using SnagIT for decades, on both Windows and Mac, and it is a great tool.

It can also record and edit simple videos, which are great for simple demos. You can upload the mpg4 video, or convert it to animated GIF.

SnagIT comes with a free trial of a fully functional version.

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+1 for snagit

@JMichaelTX do you use it to store captures in its library system?
Asking since it uses it's own propietary format for captures, and would prefer to have everything in common formats (jpg, png, etc).

Yes I do. You have to store annotated/changed images using the SnagIT format if you want to keep all of the annotation elements as separate objects. If you save as png (etc) it merges all annotations into a single image.

I see no reason not to use the SnagIT format. SnagIT is designed so that when you copy the entire drawing, or drag/drop it, it will merge into the format you have set in Preferences.

keep all of the annotation elements as separate objects

oh, good point, thanks!

Thanks for your hint. This is certainly a powerful tool, but not my tool :wink: (800 MB on my drive, registration prior to testing, …)

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800 MB seems small to me, but then I have 512GB SSD.
IMO, you do not need to fear the registration. I have been a customer of TechSmith for decades and they have never abused my info or sent me unwanted emails.

Keyboard Maestro can stitch together multiple images.