TaskPaper 3 – toggle a named tag in selected line(s)

Here is a generic macro for:

  • TaskPaper 3
  • Keyboard Maestro 8
  • macOS Sierra onwards

which toggles a @tag ON or OFF in any line(s) selected in the highly scriptable TaskPaper 3 outliner and task manager.

(Line-tagging enables very flexible filtering in TaskPaper 3)

You can specify the particular tag which you want to toggle, perhaps creating more than one copy of the macro, each for a different tag:

(the tag can be specified with or without the leading @)

I originally wrote this macro for Jim Krenz, who has kindly suggested that I share it more widely, and who also created the icon.
(See the acknowledgments panel in the macro).

The minimum requirements are those listed above. In particular, the macro uses:

  • Jesse Grosjean's excellent JavaScript API for TaskPaper 3,
  • a KM8 dictionary to flexibly pass present and future options to the script,
  • and ES6 JavaScript, which is supported on macOS systems from Sierra onwards.

Toggle a named tag in TaskPaper 3.kmmacros (30.4 KB)


Thank you for all of the passion you put into this macro @ComplexPoint — I love it!

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