Teleport cursor to next display with a hotkey

Is it possible with KM to teleport cursor to 2nd display with a hotkey?

Pressing the same hotkey would bring the cursor back to the original display.

I found an app that does this called Keymou but I prefer to do it with KM if I can.

I found a way to achieve this using a Variable and a Conditional.

This cycles the cursor between the 2 monitors:


You shouldn't need the global variable -- if the pointer is on screen 1, move it to screen 2; if on screen 2, move it to screen 1.

(The downside of using a variable is that if you move the pointer manually between screens, the next time you run the macro the pointer will jump to a position on the current screen.)

This is untested (no second display available) but should work:


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@Nige_S Thank you, this is a far better solution.