Temporarily Turning Off Macro Groups for Trigger Macro by Name


I use the amazing macro, 'Trigger Macro By Name' quite a bit, but I want to have it only search for the groups assigned to the application that is at the front.

Is it possible to temporarily turn off macro groups not assigned to the application at the front when I use Trigger Macro By Name to reduce the search field?

Hey Aaron,

Keyboard Maestro can do that itself:

Trigger Macro by Name.kmmacros (1.3 KB)

Dan's 'Trigger Macro By Name' macro is more comprehensive.

Could it be modified to do what you want? Probably, but it would not be easy.


Chris @ccstone: I believe "Active" will also include macros in Groups with "Global" access that will include ALL apps.

So, AFAIK, the only way to limit to just those Macro Groups that are limited to the target app is to first Deactivate all global Macro Groups, then execute the Trigger Macro by Name Action.

Of course, you would then need to Activate those same global Macro Groups.

Yes, active means all macros that are active and available to the front application.

If Aaron really wants to limit the macros to those in the front application's macro group then it's easy enough.

Although the group naming conventions need to reflect the app name.


Front Application Only ⇢ Trigger Macros by Name.kmmacros (4.3 KB)

Thank you for all your help!

I ended up creating AppleScripts to turn on/off specific macro groups that I do not want to see in the search field of Trigger Macro by Name. I'm using the Execute an AppleScript action to trigger the script when needed.

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