Test Script Execution Macro (v10.2)

Trying to execute a very simple script using the Execute script action. Nothing complex. Input is set to nothing. Content of the Test.sh file are basic script commands.

cd /users

Set the action to display the results in a window, try to test and nothing.
Dig a little digging and ran across this article which is similar to my issue
Get “Execute a shell script” working

which led me here as a potential resolution:
Replicate $PATH From Your Terminal.app Environment to Keyboard Maestro

So I downloaded and ran the macro:
Make ENV_PATH Variable in Keyboard Maestro Using the Terminal v1.00

Which seemed to have resolved some of the other issues I was observing; still I cannot understand why KM isn't executing an extremely basic script when the Execute Script action seems so painfully simple.

I get no window, no nothing.

What am I missing?

Test Script Execution Macro (v10.2)

Test Script Execution.kmmacros (1.6 KB)

You've checked that:

  • that path is correct (might be worth escaping the space)
  • and that the Test.sh file has a +x permission


Absolutely, all basic possibilities I covered. Up to and including double quotes, escaping spaces and modifying the path so no spaces are in question. Shouldn't be this difficult for such a basic task.

I've altogether aborted spending more time attempting to get this to work and have instead found this macro way more intuitive and works as I'd expect it should have in the beginning.

Which btw is your macro and something you'd posted about 3 years ago.

Terminal window for working directory of Finder.kmmacros

Inserting my variables and any other content is a breeze.

The Execute Shell Script task is just way more work than reasonably required IMHO.
Pointing to a shell script, having it execute a few simple commands and output to the window should just work.

Also other small caveats to working with it such as writing pwd inside the text of the Script component yields the result in a visible window; but perform an ls on the next line and no window pops, no error no nothing.

I'd even tried the fully qualified path as was suggested in the other post with the ls command and still nothing. Threw in the towel on it.

The macro you created is a win/win for me.