Testing for Regex (Last Action is not ok?) - SOLVED

I don't understand the If Then Else action.
I have an action that works in the Search Variable with Regular Expression and it is followed by the If Then Else action. When I set the condition the action occurs but if the action in the Search Variable with Regular Expression fails and I get a notification "Macro Cancelled search regular expression failed ..." which seems like the If Then Else action should switch to the Else condition but it doesn't.

What don't I understand about the logic or Keyboard Maestro's idiosyncrasies?


Normally an action that fails will terminate the current macro by default. To change this behaviour, click the gear icon on the Search action and uncheck the “failure aborts macro” item. That should do it.

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Thank you @tiffle. Quest solved. Macro works as expected now!

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Hey Will,

Impress this one well upon the engrams of your memory. It's likely to come back and bite you again.

Some of those other options in the gear menu too...


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