Text Expander Fill in forms

I have this Text Expander snippet:


Please reschedule and provide ref’s.

Original Game


Saturday, %fillpopup:name=Month O:September:October:November:March:April:May:June % %filltext:name=Date O% at %filltext:name=Time O%%fillpopup:name=AM?:AM:PM%

%fillpopup:name=Field O:default=MHC:Houghton's:Pierce:Andrews:Gile Field:Brooks:Cunningham:Kelly Field%

New Game


%fillpopup:name=Day N:Sunday:Monday:Tuesday:Wednesday:Thursday:Friday:Saturday%, %fillpopup:name=Month N:September:October:November:March:April:May:June % %filltext:name=Date N% at %filltext:name=Time N%%fillpopup:name=AMn?:AM:PM%

%fillpopup:name=Field N:default=MHC:Houghton's:Pierce:Andrews:Gile Field:Brooks:Cunningham:Kelly Field%

That generates a fill-in form.

I'd like to do all my work in KM. Is it possible to create this kind of thing in KM?

Thanks in advance,

To a degree, yes.

You can use the Prompt for User Input action to prompt for input fields, and then use those variables in your text. It works in a fairly similar way, except the prompt is separated from the insertion text, so there is a bit more tediousness involved in setting it up, and the layout of the prompt is not the same as the input text.

Alternatively, if you want to mimic it more closely, you can use the Custom HTML Prompt action, but that is a lot more work, for a lot more flexibility and a probably only little gain in this case.

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Hey Patrick,

If you want to do really complex text-substitutions it's really best to have a utility that specializes in them.

I use Typinator rather than TextExpander, and it synergizes very well with Keyboard Maestro.


Thanks for the input. I’ll give it a try.