Text expansion disabled on the last update?


I’ve been heavily using text expansion with Keyboard Maestro, However after the last update to 7.3.1 they don’t work anymore. I don’t see anything in the logs that would indicate an error. They are just simple ignored

Any help on how to restore this functionality?


Carlos -

I’m certain the problem is something on your side.
No problem here, using KM 7.3.1 for text expansions.

Please post more details, anything you can think of.
Perhaps post log or KM debugger screen shots.
Very likely someone here will have a solution.


Most likely Accessibility Permissions have been disabled (less likely, Secure Input Mode is on).

  • Make sure you move the Keyboard Maestro.app application in the Finder to the /Applications folder.
  • Restart
  • Check your System Preferences ➤ Privacy ➤ Accessibility settings and make sue Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine are both listed.

I found the reason. My shortcuts were set to only run on a specific application “iTerm”. The name of the application changed to “ITerm2” and that broke the shortcuts

Thanks for the pointers


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@cquiroz -

Thank you, Carlos, for reporting back about that.