Text justification

I type in English and Hebrew. If I am using the English keyboard, but wish to use a Hebrew expansion, how can I force the Hebrew expansion to be Left Justified (keep in mind that Hebrew is normally Right Justified). The point is I want the inputted text to be Left justified despite the text being in Hebrew.

What editor are you typing into ?

Apple mail

Seems to be work for me with an Insert Text by Typing action ...

Perhaps my Mail settings are different ... (default English)

lehit.kmmacros (1.6 KB)

Are you using Insert by Paste ?

No. I created a macro shortcut that types “שבת שלום” (an example). But the Hebrew words are right justified. All my other text is in English, so I want these Hebrew words to stay on the left, so on the very next line I can type my name (in English). Right now, I have to select the Hebrew words, and left justify the words prior to continuing with my English text and this is annoying and time consuming.