Text Navigation using string stringers

I created a set of macros triggered by string triggers for navigating documents. I think it's easier to use string triggers instead of the designated keyboard shortcuts for navigating documents while writing.

I'm going to write an article about this for my blog, http://macautomationtips.com, but I would like to get your feedback on the macros. Is there anything you think could be improved or done differently?

I uploaded the set if you want to try it. Of course you change the settings as you like.

Would really appreciate your feedback. Text_Navigation.kmmacros (863.2 KB)

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They look fine to me.

One important thing with Typed String triggers is to generally only ever use them when you are in a text typing context, for example, in a text editor, and not in some other kind of contact (like in the Finder).

The reason is that those typed characters get typed in somewhere and then typically Keyboard Maestro deletes them, and none of that is good to do when you are in the Finder for example and the typed text will select files and the delete will potentially delete them.

This usage you are doing is perfectly fine sine it’s designed for a text context.