Text to Speech Voices Sound Different in KM Than in System Preferences

Hi there, searched but didn't find anything–
When I look at the list of voices available in the Speak Text action, and the list of voices available in System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech, I notice they are different lists. Why is this? For example, the Siri voices are absent in KM.

Going a step further, I also notice that when I try the voices out, even ones with the same name in both lists sound different. Why is this and can it be fixed?

Thank you.

Having played around with this more– I've discovered that all the voices in System Preferences are available in KM if you select them in System Preferences and set the KM Speak Text action to read in the Default voice. Didn't realize this at first because the default setting will say the name of whichever voice was selected as the default when the action editor was first opened, not whichever is currently set to be the default.

So that much is good, but they still sound different– It sounds like the Mac OS has some kind of intonation enhancement that KM is not accessing. Anyone have ideas?

I don't know @82Taylor. They sound the same to me. Are you putting the proper commas in? Are you typing Hello my name is Samantha? Or are you typing Hello, my name is Samantha? Played at the default/normal rate, those will sound different as designed.

You owe me 10 minutes... :rofl:

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Thank you for trying!

Re-trying it again now quickly, when selecting the UK Female Siri voice in System Preferences, and selecting the default in KM, I am hearing the UK Male Siri voice. So it seems like maybe it's more than what I originally described. Curious.