Text Transform action that restores original copied text

New to this. I tried searching, but nothing came up for what I'm looking for (or perhaps my naming is off).

Looking for an action that does this:

  1. Set var to original system clipboard text
  2. Do/create your other actions here (ie text-transform and paste into place)
  3. Restore original system clipboard text

Items 1 and 3 are repeated for all text-transforms I'm doing, so looking for a base action to not repeat adding those actions every macro I create.

Is there a way to create an action from a Macro?


sure, you can store in a temp clipboard:

Appreciate the response, but am looking to have an Action that does the first and last parts so I don't have to repeat all the extra steps. Is there a reference to create an Action that is an Engroup?


Easy. As the last Action in your Macro delete the Clipboard just created, leaving the System Clipboard set to what you set it to at the beginning of the Macro:

Here's an example:

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To reference an action group you can use Execute Macro.
Create the macro such as the one by @JMichaelTX as an external Macro (Add Macro) and then call it where you need it.

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Ended up with a small macro I called PasteRevert. Appreciate the help! Am able to just add this at the end of any text-transform or text-expansion.