Text with a matching background

I am using Keyboard Maestro to automate things in Scrivener. I like to use a light grey background and I use KM 8.2.4 to create various mathematical symbols. My question is how I can copy and paste a superscript so that it matches my current background? As seen in the snapshot below, I am not setting the text background but a white text background does appear whenever I use my script, so ruining my settings in Scrivener! Of course I could set the background in the KM script to match that in Scrivener. However, that is not great since I wish to have universal mathematical scripts that would work with any edit background.
Anny suggestions?


p.s. I was thinking of something like "paste and match style" or something more clever with "no background"?

Most edit apps have this as a menu item. Does Scrivener?
If so, you could just make use of that menu item via the KM Select or Show a Menu Item action.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I can apply "Paste and Match Style" in Scrivener. However, by doing that I lose superscript/subscript formatting!
There has to be some other way?

Can you create a subscript format using Scrivener? If so then select the subscript text, and call the Scrivener menu from KM.

A good idea! I shall try it shortly.