TextEdit ignores ⌘N in Mojave

My simple script stopped working after I installed Mojave. While reading a web page in Safari, I select some text and trigger my macro:

  1. Type the ⌘C Keystroke
  2. Activate TextEdit
  3. Type the ⌘N Keystroke

Steps 1 and 2 seem to work; while debugging, after step 2, TextEdit is shown in the menu bar as the active application. Then while I "step into" step 3 to create a new TextEdit file, nothing happens.

Why would this action suddenly stop working in Mojave?

Any fixes?

With me it also works under macOS Mojave @jdw.

You did not specify any pauses in your description of the actions. Try my suggestion. Often a macro fails because of the missing pauses between the actions.

TextEdit Copy.kmmacros (4,8 KB)

The size for the TextEdit window is 27 inches for an iMac. For a MacBook, you'd have to adjust or omit it. Always have the windows centered for input :wink: