TextEdit macros to Toggle Zoom Font, Open PDF in Preview

I like to use TextEdit for many things in preference to apps with a lot of bells and whistles but two things have bugged me. The first is that a font in a size which prints nicely on paper, eg Helvetica12 is too small for comfort on the screen but the zoom menu item of TextEdit is far too coarse to be much use to me. The first macro toggles a zoom to a larger font size for viewing and resets it to a smaller size for printing.The same macro could easily be changed to modify the font family too of course.

The second macro is related to the first. At different font sizes, it's hard to know what the printed document will look like, so I use the "Open PDF in Preview" option in the print dialog to check. My macro just automates that with a hot key.

Both use macros that, as a non-scripter, I cobbled together with various bits I stole here and there. They are obviously pretty simple but save a lot of mouse clicks.

Zoom toggle.kmmacros (4.3 KB)
Preview as PDF.kmmacros (3.1 KB)