Thank You Peter for Palette Tool Tips!

A long time ago I had asked @peternlewis to add tooltips to palette icons. If I remember correctly, he said he'd put it on the list but to not hold my breath. Well, KM10 is proof that even items low on the list may eventually get addressed.

Thank you Peter for adding this feature. I don't know how many people will even notice it, but you know that I appreciate it, if nobody else. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I only use palettes for a few select macro groups (since I started using a Stream Deck back in the summer and even more so now that KM10 has macro group menu bar items), but what are these tooltips you refer to? I found a post of yours from 2019 but it was just asking about them again. For some reason I couldn't find the original post where you asked about them.

If you're using a palette with just icons, it's really useful. Just hover your mouse over an icon, and you get a tooltip that's the name of the macro. It even removes the leading sequence number, if you have one.



Yes, this is a tremendous new feature. When I have a lot of Macros in a Palette (for Illustrator or Photoshop for example) using just Icons is a great way to make the Palette smaller and good Icons are usually quicker to read than text. Having the tooltips is great as a way to check what an Icon is for if I ever forget.



I did not know it until I saw your post. Thanks for the post. :grin:


What am I doing wrong here?

I expected that the name of the macro (Down arrow, etc.) would be displayed as a tooltip. Instead, the palette shows the name of the macro, not the icon, and no tooltip.

Quickly Insert Arrow Macros.kmmacros (8.0 KB)

Try changing your Palette Style (double-click on it in the Group settings to edit):

...will give you icons only plus tooltips.