The Amazon Quest

I didn't see a forum of just discussion but I guess I do have a question.

I have this mental disease that if I have access to something, then I want that something local on my hard drive and in particular in this case, in my bookkeeping.

The Amazon Order page for a personal account has the ability to go back to 1995 and my first order is January 25, 2000. The page in the personal account to create a "report" can only go back to 2006 AND the columns do not include the description of the item. If you switch to a business account, that page (in my case at least) can only go back to the start of 2020.

So, my quest that I'm going to start on and probably work on bit by bit over the next week or so is to write a set of macros that can walk the entire list of orders. This will involve selecting the year. Paging through the pages for that year. Sequencing through the orders on each page. And sequencing through the items of each order.

My question is simply: does anyone else here have this same mental disease and perhaps has done some or all of this work already? And, I'm more than happy to share... where / how is the best way to share this -- if anyone is interested in it?

Any kind fellow out there that wants to wave me off of this quest -- PLEASE speak up now!! :grinning: