The Avid S6 console


Is the Avid S6. It has a high price tag. It has buttons that five years after its release, still do nothing. It crashes. It has bugs. But the company has a virtual monopoly. It functions as a control surface for Pro Tools, and audio mixing software for film and television. And it is my daily work console. The Computer screen you see is not actually part of the desk but is mounted on it. The master module is just to the left and is a primitive touch screen.

Its connection to the software uses a protocol called EUCON. I dream of being able to wipe out the settings it comes with and being able to establish my own relationships between hardware controller and software variable. I know it might be hard to believe but you can't do this much on this desk, its a very old paradigm with incredible menu diving and limited shortcuts. Of course I have a bunch of shortcuts I use within Pro Tools, and somewhat hilariously they partially subvert the whole purpose of this gloriously impressive looking desk. But if I could connect up KM to this thing properly, boy would it sing.

Just throwing it out there- not expecting anything but thought I would ask if any interaction between KM and EUCON exists or anything in that vein had been tried by people before.

It looks very impressive, so its a shame it doesn't work well.

If it can send MIDI to your Mac, or alternatively USB HID Device events to your Mac, then Keyboard Maestro could plausibly detect the keys on it, but otherwise you're probably out of luck.

The only other alternative would be if something else interfaced to the EUCON protocol and triggered Keyboard Maestro macros.

Thank you Peter, I will look into both those options.