The click action doesn't click relative to front window

I just found the click action clicks the absolute position of the screen even the chosen argument is front window's corner.
when I move the safari window away, it surely fails to follow the new location to click.
now that it's back to normal when less safari windows open up.
it fails when multiple windows stack on each other, Keyboard Maestro might lose the mind of which window is the front most.

any solution ?
Many Thanks !

I very much doubt there is any issue with the click not being relative to the specified window, so I strongly suspect there is something else going on - either there is a different window that is at the front, or a different application at the front, or you are looking at the wrong action.

You can use the Mouse Inspector to view the current location relative to the current front window.

just safari windows.
there are always multiple sofrwares running in the background of course, but never like your suspicion of occupying by other application's window.
this bug persists as more than one windows are displayed at the same time.

relocate the mouse position doesn't remedy the failure, but most of the time this modification could even kill this macro.

OK, well, I assure you that the mouse clicks relative to the from safari window in general, so something else is going on.

Make sure Safari is the active application, that you have a regular Safari window at the front, that it is not in full screen mode, and then use an action like this:


That should go to near the location of the red close circle in the front Safari window.

If that is not working, then there is something quite wrong going on on your Mac. Perhaps security settings are causing problems with accessing the data, in which case:

  • Resolve any issues that Keyboard Maestro is complaining about on launch
  • Resolve any issues reported with warning triangles in the bottom right corner of the Keyboard Maestro editor.
  • Restart
  • Check again.
  • Check the Editor.log and Engine.log in the Logs folder (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder).

I don't know how to say about this.
this time I only launch Safari with only one window to watch the YouTube video.
this click is to zoom in the fullscreen mode by clicking the right bottom corner brackets of the YouTube player. it follows the relative location if I move a bit away, it seems to fail when the safari window in the middle of the screen, but it's back to normal as I move it towards the right margin.

well in fact not so exactly like that. it could be failed anytime, anywhere and it might resume functional again in the failed area. just no way to predict.

you know the YouTube player control dock would hide itself when mouse pointer no longer hover above it. this might fails the click, but not quite often happens.

I also need to relocate the safari window to three specific area with three Marcos, left, middle, right. most of the time, when window gets moved in the middle of the screen, the zoom click surely dies, and it works again as I put the window back in the top left corner.