The equivalent of Shift+F10 for Mac - Right click on selected element

So recently I figured out a way to effectively right click a selected element using VoiceOver

The trick is to Activate Voiceover and use the Keyboard shortcut Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+Space. This performs the right click action.

My main question is, can anyone think of a better method of doing this? Also, if anyone is an Applescript Wizzard, it'd be great to know how you would do the same thing with Applescript enabled VoiceOver commands! :slight_smile:

Right Click Item.kmmacros (7.4 KB)

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So apparrently this wonโ€™t always work. Sometimes you have to use the:
Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+F5 and then Right click with the mouse.

And also, sadly sometimes this wonโ€™t work at all. It depends on the software it seems.

The default VO configuration uses Ctrl+Opt+Shift+M to enable the Shortcut (aka Right-Click, contextual) menu.
See and for details.