The First Action (In Macro) Works Alone, but Not With Hot Key

My macro works with Safari activating (with Safari at front) when Safari ALREADY is at front.

Otherwise not.

The first action in this macro is called:

Activate Safari - leave it at front

Why !??

/ Omar K N

Not much to go on but, is this macro in a Macro Group that is only available in Safari? If so it won't work unless Safari is active.
Maybe try moving to Global Marco Group.

hej @DonM you are right, this macro was in the Safari group, where I put it (not to restrict its usage, only for convenience !)

So now it's in the Global group, where it can be fired off, but I get error message - it fails.
However, when I have Safari active and in front, it works fine.

launch Safari - Macro (v9.2)

launch Safari - (6.0 KB)

Hey Omar,

Your initial condition is that Safari MUST be frontmost.


Thanks Chris!

The IF - version of the macro was a (desperate≈) test, because I have not - after all those years of KM practice - realised that macros, which I put in f ex "Safari Group" implies that they are 'locked to Safari being active app'.

For me "Safari Group" was just a folder for keeping! :-((

Anyway, everything is working now.

/Omar kn

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