The Key x is down - execute following action - Not working reliably

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 11.19.44 AM

I'm using this action in a macro. Basically users input items on a list and everytime they hit the slash button it deletes an item from a list, then puts the cursor in a specific position.

I'm noticing that keyboard maestro doesn't always see when I hit the slash button.

Is there a reason why this isn't acting reliably? Is there another way I could accomplish this to allow for an action to happen with user input that is quick and easy?

It would be helpful to see this in the context of the entire macro.

An If condition alone will only be evaluated once, and if the key isn't down at the precise moment of evaluation it won't work as you expect it.

With the information provided, it seems this may be better suited for a Hot Key trigger instead.

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The issue you are seeing is because you are looking for a state (key is down) but you really need the event (key is pressed), because the key only stays down a short time and if you do not check it while in the short time the key is down you will miss it. See:

That has the same solution you need to reliably detect pressing a key (as opposed to detecting a key being down at a specific time, which is what you are doing).


Thanks everyone! I have given this a shot, we'll see how it works.