The nested palette conundrum: can no longer use hot key triggers

My Evernote Palette is overloaded with macros and unsightly.

When I use conflict palettes, I don't solve the problem of the main EN palette looking too busy.

The solution is therefore to group the macros in the EN Palette, and create nested palettes activated by macros in the main EN Palette with the Show Macro Group - Show Palette for one action - action.

It is a solution I like: it is clean, simple and easy on the eye.

But that leads to another problem: the show macro group action requires the nested palette to be enabled, which in turn means that the macros in the nested palette can't have hot keys which would trigger the macros when i am typing.

I tried the following (second ScreenCapture below) and it does not work

Yes and no. Yes, regardless of whether it's nested or not, a macro group does need to be enabled for the Show Macro Group action to work, but it doesn't need to be activated. In KM terms, a macro or macro group must be both enabled and activated for the macro or group to function. If it is enabled, but not active, then the macro won't run. In more practical terms, while I can't say for absolute certainty with only these screenshots to go on, I believe that all you should need to do is ensure that the macro groups for your nested palettes are set to be inactive, like this:

and then call them with a single Show Macro Group action, with no need for the Activate and Deactivate actions surrounding it (in fact, in my testing to replicate this, the Deactivate action made the Show Macro Group palette go away, rendering the whole macro moot):

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thanks very much Gabe for a very informative answer and the time and energy you spent testing.
My mistake was to assume that any of the boxes in your image had to be checked.

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