The Quick Record/Macro. show/hide from pallette + icon change. Possible?

The quick macro playback function creates a icon in the list and i like to change the icon here into something meaningful. This does not seem to be possible.
Alternative is to create a seperate macro for it, but the issue then is that you can't hide that icon which is added by the list automaticly. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks

Create a macro in another macro group, and move the Record Quick Macro action to it. Then in this macro use the Execute a Macro action to execute it. That way the recorded macro will be in the other macro group and not show up in your palette.

Thank you for the reply. This is not really a solution.
I mentioned not being able to hide it as related to not being able to modify the icon.

If it must have a default icon for whatever reason then please just turn it into a Playback icon.
Ideally it can just look like this for example
Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 04.41.52

My solution was how to hide the macro.

As for the playback icon in the macro, I will note that down as a feature request. Probably if I do this I will take the icon from the action, so that a custom icon can be configured for the action which will appear in the palette.