The sad and wonderful story of my right side modifier keys

I learned to type on a standard typewriter eons ago, and my profession (retired now) was software engineering. So it's safe to say that in my life I have smacked my fingertips on keyboards a LOT.

Last week I had an epiphany. I don't think I've EVER used the right modifier keys in my life. For some folks I'm sure that's a .. [duh].. nobody does. I kind of didn't believe it so I wrote this macro
Pressed Right Key.kmmacros (4.9 KB)

That macro never fired. For an entire week it sat dormant.

Why is that interesing you ask? Well, I now have basically four new hyperkeys that I never thought I had! Really gets me pumped up for the possibilities.

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I currently try to use rcmd, which is a great tool for switching apps, but I have some kind of neglect for my right command key as well. Hope you are doing better than me!