The shortcut key pressed inside Macro is invalid

I take Google and YouTube and Gmail as examples, and the actual situation is more complicated.

My question is, after pressing F19, why does the shortcut "Command + U" at the end not start in Macro? (Note: "Command + U" is a valid shortcut).

Or someone can tell me how to run this action: automatically launch an executable Palette after performing some actions.

Thank you very much!

TEST Macros.kmlibrary (5.8 KB)

I hope that after running the previous action, the Palette at the arrow in the screenshot will appear.

(If the description is not accurate, please help me modify it, I will be very grateful.)

Keyboard Maestro tries to avoid a simulated keys triggering macros.

You can trigger a macro by hot key using the specific Trigger Macros by Hot Key action.

How do I get the color palette for the same UniqueID (86F0109A-1D63-4FD7-B3FF-C1555DA6D7A8) for both Macros?

What color palette?



Ahh, the Conflict Palette. That appears when two macros share the same trigger. The Trigger Macros by Hot Key action will induce it to appear if both macros have the same hot key trigger and are both active.

As shown, test1 and test2 have the same UniqueID, but when I press Command+U, It opens the page directly and does not display the Conflict Palette.

In fact, the result I hope is not complicated, I just want to appear the Conflict Palette after running some actions.

The Conflict Palette will only appear for the macro trigger of certain types, primarily keys (hot key, device key, Typed String). For other classes, both macros will run.

In this case, you can give each of your target macros the same hot key (and no remote trigger), and then have a single macro with the Remote trigger execute the other two using the Trigger Macros by Hot Key action.

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Thank you for your answer. I didn't know the existence of "Trigger Macros by Hot Key" before, thank you! My problem is solved.

Thanks for the answer perfect tutorial