The star symbol messed up


While I use Keyboard Maestro to paste the system clipboard text by Insert Text "%SystemClipboard%" by Typing, I find that the star symbol * got messed up: sometimes it was replaced by \ or by | or by \*. How can this behavior be avoided?

Thank you.

Yes, that is a concern. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I have two things for you to try that might help diagnose the issue.

First, replace "by typing" with "by pasting" and tell us if that solve the problem.

Second, in the macro that causes this problem, try inserting this command:


This will cause a huge delay (0.3 seconds) between each simulated keystroke. Does the problem disappear?

Is the problem truly random, or is there any macro you can write that can reliably duplicate the problem?

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Thank you for the hints!
The problem happened in a particular software: Zotero beta version's note which supports markdown. This could be some behavior related to the particular markdown editor.

Somehow, I could not reproduce the issue today due to unknown reason (updated Keyboard Maestro, maybe also a silent update of the beta version of Zotero). I need by Typing instead of by Pasting to make the math rendered properly in that app. Anyway, it works like a charm now. Thank you!