The variation of URL Triggers?

I finally found a use for using a URL trigger, but I'm wondering why there several variations of the URL? The third one worked for my purposes.

I'm using a few URL triggers in my Todoist application to open a set website pages. Looking forward to other ways this trigger might be useful.

There’s two versions in general - one that uses a Macro Name and one that uses a UUID. Since Macro Names don’t have to be unique, it’s always safer to use the UUID.

Each of those versions allows for a parameter to be passed into the macro. That’s what “&value=Whatever” is for. If you use this parameter, then inside the macro, %TriggerValue% will contain “Whatever”.


Thanks, Dan. I need to look into what a parameter is and how to use with this trigger.

Now in the screenshot above is that four versions for different purposes?

Now in the screenshot above is that four versions for different purposes?

Personally, I would only use the versions with a UUID. That’s the string that looks like this:


You can find the UUID for any macro, by selecting the macro in the editor, then clicking Edit->Copy as->Copy UUID.

UUID’s are always unique, but macro names don’t have to be. So if you pass a non-unique macro name, well, actually, I have no idea what happens.

So that leaves us with a version with a UUID, and a version with a UUID and a parameter (if you need a parameter). In the above picture, that’s the second and fourth ones.


Can you guys, or anyone, provide any guidance on this related issue?

Evernote will NOT allow me to create a rich text hyperlink if it is a special URL protocol like "kmtirgger://".

Is there another approach that would allow me to trigger a KM Macro with a normal "http://" URL?

I've not explored the KM Web Server features, but is this a possible workaround with Evernote?

Any suggestions/guidance is much appreciated.

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