Theme Editor size more than 64


does anybody knows why the size in Theme Editor is limited to 64?

Or maybe is there way to go over 64 for separate palletes ?
The reason is, i need bigger icons.

Thank you

I don’t believe so, but I suppose this is a question for @peternlewis.

Eventually things start breaking if you have no limits. There is probably no particularly good reason it could not be larger, but currently 64 is a hard limit in the Theme Editor.

If you’re brave, you can quit the Keyboard Maestro editor and engine, edit the Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist, and adjust the size manually. As long as you don’t edit the theme afterwards, you should be OK.

Interesting. I tried this using the “copy, edit and paste” macros I use personally, and it works. I’ll consider making a custom macro for this.

Thankyou @peternlewis.

this solution works great.
I was searching on the engine.plist and there was only the possibility to customize the default palette.

But now its perfekt.
Thank you

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I'd really love to be able to have a palette with arbitrarily-sized icons.

My use case is that I'm using Duet Display as an extra screen for my Mac, and I'd like to fill an iPad (or iPhone) screen with large Macro buttons.