These checkbox actions stopped working with OSX 10.13 and KM 8.0.1

Can you help me get these working again?

Probably, but we need more info:

  • URL of page where you want to use your macro
  • Upload your macro file.
  • When did your macro stop working?
    • After macOS upgrade?
    • After KM upgrade?

@JMichaelTX, You helped me with this originally. I will review those posts tomorrow. The ULR is my Craig’sList account, so you won’t be able to see that without logging in. I will message you the macro. Can’t say for sure after which update, but certainly after both.

I got this working. Either Safari changed something, or more likely Craig’s List change the field IDs. I reset all the fields in KM and the macro works again.

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Yes, web pages can vary unpredictably, sometimes in non-visible ways, sometimes the entire UI changes.

Applications can on update too, but that tends to be more obvious and more predictable.