Third Party Plugins folder is empty

As shown here, my third-party plug-ins folder is empty:

I know I have installed several plugins, and when I go to install one I just redownloaded, I get the message in the yellow box that it has already been imported. I don't have any search filters set or anything, so I am not sure what is going on.

The third Party Plugins are kept here, in your User Library. So, you could check that there are folders in there. ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Keyboard Maestro Actions

Assuming they show as folders in there, try quitting the Keyboard Maestro Editor and then restarting it again. It might just need a refresh to show them.

Thank you - the good news is the folders are all there in the proper Library/../.. folder. The bad news is that, even after a restart (which I had tried before posting, and then tried again just now), I am still looking at an empty Third Party Plug Ins folder.
I'm running the current 10.1.1 version of KBM - if I reinstall that, any thoughts about whether the current settings and Application Support files will be preserved, or do I need to export things out and then reimport?
UPDATE: I deleted one of the folders in the Library and reimported the plug-in zip file, and it shows up fine now (just it - not all the others). I think the safest play is just to download and reimport all the others again using the same process.
BUT, am still mystified as to why the others aren't showing? @peternlewis ??

How are you “importing” the plugins?

By dragging the zip file onto the KBM icon in my dock. I am going into the Actions folder, deleting the existing folder for a given plugin, and then dragging the plugin zip file onto the dock icon. That puts the "new" plugin folder right back into the Actions folder and makes it show up in the Actions editor.
I have zero idea why the editor sees the "new" folders, but not the old ones. And, yes, I've checked, the "old folders" are all populated with the requisite files.

Well that is strange. I’ve never seen that behaviour. I do know that when you’re updating a plugin it is recommended to stop/restart the KM engine so that it then uses the updated plugin. Hopefully, Peter will offer guidance!

My guess is that you have migrated or restored the folder, and it has incorrect ownership or permissions and so Keyboard Maestro cannot see/read them.

Possible - I did migrate to a new Mac a couple of months ago and may not have accessed the plug-in actions since then - BUT, when I look at file and folder permissions and ownership, they are exactly the same for the two plug-ins I just reinstalled and can see in the editor as they are for the old ones that aren't seen. The plug-in folders are all permissioned as 755 and the files within them are all permissioned as 644, and the owner for everything is "rob_studio (501)". Is there something other than these permissions and ownership that I should be looking at?
thanks for this marvelous program, BTW