"This Device Key" stopped working for the internal keyboard

I've got a trigger setup for my internal keyboard for the globe character of the new Apple Silicon Macs. But I also tried the Shift key so it's not that specific key.
On my old MacBook Pro with M1 and Monterey it did work fine (I'm not sure about M1 + Ventura since I'm not using that trigger very often).
Now I got a new MacBook Pro with M2 and Ventura and the key isn't working anymore.
Also all other device keys on the internal keyboard aren't working anymore.

Setting a device key up works just fine for both the internal and external keyboard but it'll only trigger for the external keyboard.

Was there some change in the recent versions? Or is it just an issue on my device?

I use both the latest macOS and KM10 version (no betas)

It is weird that setting the key works but triggering does not because both use the same mechanism to detect the key. If you quite and relaunch the editor, does the trigger remain set? If so, are you sure that the macro is active (the Interactive Help can assist with that).

I wonder if the product ID on the keyboard is 0 as well. Apple decided to use Product ID of 0 on some of their devices despite it being obviously invalid, but they don't really care because they are faking it as being a USB device in the first place. The next version of Keyboard Maestro deals with that.

Yes, the macro is enabled but you're right: after reopening the Editor the triggers are gone.
Should this be fixed by the upcoming update or is it another issue?

It is likely caused by a product ID of 0 then, which Keyboard Maestro treats as a null.

If that is the cause, then it should be resolved for the next version.

Nothing much can be done about it in the mean time I'm afraid. Apple declined to consider this a bug in their USB HID implementation.

Thank you. Feel free to send me a beta build in case I can help testing.

Beta testing is still a way off, but contact support (Stairways Software: Contact Us) if you'd like instructions on how to get beta versions.

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