This Warning Just Saved Me an Hour!

What a fantastic check to include. I could imagine spending forever trying to troubleshoot my regex, without noticing that the Search and Replace action setting was wrong.






Glad to hear it.

It is part of my overall “if people email me with a support question, think about how the question could have been avoided” process.

Huge amounts of Keyboard Maestro stem from this:

  • The Interactive Help system.
  • The action warnings.
  • Notes in the editor about when a macro will be triggered.
  • The editor warnings for various security issues.
  • The entire help reference system.

and many more.

IMHO, too many companies spend too much effort on optimising their support system and pushing their support load on to the customer with things like chat bots and documentation search and phone menu systems, and not enough time improving the rough edges of their product so the support request is unnecessary in the first place.


I can't remember what it was, but just a few days ago I experienced one of those warning dialogs of yours, and I was thrilled you added it. Saved me lots of time, too.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Peter, you're the best!