Thoughts on Categories?

Any thoughts on categories to add? The recommendation is to keep it to a minimum. “Support” seems an obvious one. “Suggestion” might be another one?

There appears to be a lot of questions regarding Applescript. I don’t know if there is a benefit to create an ‘Applications’ group where you could have subgroups based on the Application.

The mailing list has survived fine without categorisation so I’d keep it simple.

A lot of discussions seem to go along the lines of:
Can KM do this?
… Yes like this / OK thanks
… No but AppleScript can / OK thanks
… No / OK feature request?

So I wonder if even Support and Suggestion is necessary or helpful.


Maybe just one category for commercial questions and one for technical questions.

So maybe just “Support” as a catch all for everything? And then maybe if we get non-Support posts we can think of whether they need a category. The system allows “uncategorized” so you don’t really need categories at all.

I agree with simplicity so this may be a bad idea:

Category for bragging sharing our macro creations.
And if there is a way for posts to get upvoted, a place for the top posts.

I added a category for testing, I figure that is something most people can easily mute (if necessary I can see if I can mute it by default). But certainly I’ll need to test a few things, and it will give new users a place they can test out the system.

Since apparently we can select which category to see but not which categories to ignore, I’d suggest a “Questions” category. This would allow us to see the questions while ignoring all the other categories, like meta, testing, etc. Ideally, new posts would get this category by default (unless another was selected, of course).

Would Questions include Feedback / Feature suggestions as well then?

You can Mute a category, but I’m not sure if that will stop notifications if you have turned on the email every post setting.

How do you mute a category? All I can see in the Categories menu is a way to select which category to display or to display all of them, but no way to display only a subset.

You’re right that feedback and feature requests are not questions, but it only makes sense to have one default category. Maybe it should be named differently, then. The idea was to have a way to see user posts without the “pollution” of categories meant for internal use, so to speak.

Its in the user Preferences, at the bottom is a Categories sections.

Ah yes, thank you. But it’s not quite what I had in mind. I was thinking more about a way to temporarily filter out unwanted categories on the forum. So if some category could be used by default (let’s call it “user posts” for now), you could select that in the Categories menu on the forum to see only user posts.

Maybe a category for newbie questions and tips?

Just use the “general” category for questions (novice or not), and for tips and suggestions.