Thunderbolt plug-in trigger

I see there's a trigger for detecting USB devices being plugged in. Is there anyway to add a Thunderbolt plug in to what can be detected by KM? I have a Thunderbolt to Ethernet 10GbE adapter (QNap T310G1s) and would like to figure out a way to detect when it's plugged in so I can shut off my WIFI.

It's not the Thunderbolt part that's important - it's the fact that a new IP address becomes available and when it does you know you can switch off your wifi.

You could look at EventScripts to detect the network event and then act accordingly.

Also, search this forum for how others have used "EventScripts".

(BTW - I have no interest in EventScripts - I just so happened to mention it before for a Bluetooth trigger in KM.)

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