Tick and untick multiple boxes in a filter menu (Finale)

Hello Forum,

I want KM to do a specific task for me and I'm in need of assistance.

I'm in the music-notation program Finale, within a filter-menu. This filter-menu allows me to filter from the musical text specific items, such as, notes, rests, dynamics (forte, pianissimo, etc.), lyrics, and others. The filter works ‘box-style’ and is additive; it lets you tick the boxes for the type of items that you want to include in your filter (see screenshot).

This is my question:
After my macro loads this filter menu, is there a way I can program KM to, in a sense, pause its step-by-step pace and allow me to tick the boxes I want to?
And (this one’s the million dollar question): can I assign a single key for each filter box, such as, “d” for dynamics or “r” for rests, etc.?

Thank you very much,
A. P.

You could Pause Until the Return Key is pressed, and ensure you always OK the dialog by pressing the Return Key. As with any Pause Until, you should probably add a timeout to some reasonable value.

I’m not sure if Keyboard Maestro can detect the Edit Filter window in Finale - Finale is a bit of a finicky program (at least so the endless support emails related to it would indicate!).

If it can, then possibly the Press Button action will toggle the checkboxes. If not, you would have to use clicks, either relative to the window or based on found images.

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Hey @APKyburz,

If Keyboard Maestro can’t see it then it’s quite possible System Events can.

It’s a bit of a can-of-worms, but it can often get things done that other tools can’t.


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Thank you Peter,

Yes, Finale doesn’t recognize the window, but the hint with the “move and click”-action solves that, thank you.

I have one more question:
As I’m in the said additive-filter-menu, is the following possible with KM:

If key “A” is tapped, move and click in position “X”, but if, instead, key “B” is tapped move and click in position “Y”, but if, instead key “C” is tapped move and click in position “Z”.

And so on, and so on.

In other words, is it possible to create a place within the macro that gives me multiple choices of “if-then” instances which are all accessible at the same time at a defined moment of the macro’s flow?

Thank you

Hello reader,

I found the solution, will post it as soon as I find time to finish the thread.


For the sake of completion, here is the ending of the thread.

KM is able to detect the Filter window, so after creating a new macro group I was easily able to assign different Macros to different boxes.

Most worked with simple "Press Button" commands,

otherwise, "Move and Click" did very well for the rest.