TidBITS Autocorrect Dictionary

Has anyone made a conversion from these into KM?

I had a look and could not actually find the correction list in a plain text format.

However, if you could, then it would be an easy process to adapt that the macro:

to create the text expansions for you.

That said, I'd recommend you use a text expansion utility for this purpose. 2300 macros is a lot of macros, and each macro will take up a lot more space in your macro file than the few characters it it related to. Keyboard Maestro engine will have no trouble with this, the Typed String trigger is extremely efficient no matter how many expansions you have. But eventually the size of the macro file will grow large and that can cause slowness.

I didn't find it either, but Adam, doing the identical search, came up with a result I must have missed:

I am not planning on adding all of them in, but wanted to add numerous ones which would be tedious to do by hand. We'll see how the memory grows :slight_smile:

The Create Text Expansions macro will make it easy to add a bunch of them.

Also, the singular version:

might be helpful to just create them on the fly as needed.

anyone ever followed on this and created a KM library?



I don't know if this will work, but I have these files... I exported them from some Typinator libraries. Autocorrect.zip (26.0 KB)

Hey Mateo,

We don't really recommend dumping this many text expansions into Keyboard Maestro.

When you get upwards of a couple of hundred of them a dedicated text-expansion tool like Typinator is going to be more efficient and will likely have a better User-Interface for that task.


I appreciate you providing that insight. I was going to ask why exactly that was -- but after thinking about it, you are probably right about Typinator. If you are going to actually manually input them, at least. For me, though, having so many clipboard/snippet/text expansion/automation tools is something I want to try to avoid. But it seems that may not be possible.

Hey Mateo,

Including auto-correct I have nearly 50,000 snippets.  :sunglasses:

Look carefully at Typinator's Quick Search feature – and the ability to assign abbreviations to GROUPS for exclusive searches in Quick Search.