Time tracking/logging

This is a somewhat overbuilt little utility that prompts periodically to get you to log your time. I work at an agency, so this is a must for me. Got the idea from the great time tracking app, Daily. This is a little more configurable.

I have a secondary macro pulling a todo list from my company's project management system into the timelogTaskList variable so I can log directly to open tickets.

It requires all the support files from here.

Variables at the front are hopefully fairly self-explanatory.
Overly Complex Time Logger.kmmacros (12.4 KB)

Yes, thanks. i saw that but it isn’t what I am looking for. The script/macro you are referring to ask me to type into a html input field what I am doing/ what I have done. I want something automated, at the end of the day I want an evernote note with a list of things I did, e.g.:

Monday, 10:00 AM - MS Word: Contract.docx
Monday, 10:05 AM - Airmail: Re: pls update the contract
Monday, 10:06 AM - Airmail: Funny Cat Video
Monday, 10:17 AM - MS Excel: Budget Calc.xlsx
Monday, 10:20 AM - MS Word: Contract.docx
Monday, 10:21 AM - MS Excel: Budget Calc.xlsx
Monday, 10:22 AM - Slack

It gives me a neat overview of what I have been up to that day…
I am still thinking about getting the timing app (https://timingapp.com) but its a bit over my budget…
Ideally the script above would only trigger if a new window is in focus for a certain amount of time (maybe 1 minute) otherwise it might be a bit too detailed (just changing tabs to get the timing app link would have triggered it twice).

I have the trigger and could add the delay above, but then the trigger value (the name of the new focused window) needs to somehow flow into the applescript and pass it on to Evernote. Thats where I am still in the dark…

Here's a head start for you. Something I've been dinking around with. Writes to a text file (path is hard coded toward the bottom), but you could add some scripting or something to push it to Evernote. Has some niceties to attempt to capture the full document path and not just the front window's name.Doing.kmmacros (11.6 KB)

Hi iNK, thank you for that. Looks like there is a more comprehensive macro too: Time tracker with KM, AppleScript an Evernote? - didn’t realise there are two threads? (I was wondering why I’d get replies and not see my previous replies… sorry about that)

Also see this macro just published: